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Conditions of Freedom

“ Conditions of freedom”
By Juan Quenton C Ward

“Laws and decrees.” “dar not with liberty but well consist”. My thesis here is that freedom, in the modern –world for Black and Brown man, is increasingly endangered: the freedom of the law, also, in the long run, the freedom of the poor and working class whites. And I believe that should we continue this lock-up trend in America, that we shall be unable to maintain any successful defense in retaining our freedoms until  we reverse this cycle and trend and recognize once more those principals of order under which freedom was obtained- the body of rights and privileges acquired through the Bill of Rights. Every right is married to a duy: every freedom owns a corresponding responsibility and there cannot be genuine freedom or rehabilitation for those we incarcerate unless there is also genuine treatment and educational opportunites from the moral and social realm.
   Order in the moral realm is the realization that these once exiled and incarcerated men with right education, training and human compassion can become a body of transcendendant values-indeed a hierachy of values –which give purpose to existence. Order in society is the harmonious arrangement of classes and functions which guard the rights of all , not just certain segments o f society. Now, of course, there cannot be freedom without order and laws and in a sense there is always a conflict between law and order aswell vigilance for guarding freedoms. Many express this conflict as the competition between the claims of justice and the right to deny freedom or liberty to those accused of crimes.
    Too often those of conservative doctrines and ideology in this country continue to cry for stiffer penalties and incarceration of segments of our society more out of power aswell to assert their ego in defiance of conventional measure. At the present time there needs to be an eloquent debate on the long term incarceration and imprisonment of the poor in America by those well discerned in the intemperate arguments over 13th amendment practices.
      As a prisoner locked within the bowels of the “belly of the beast” for some two decades now, I feel somehow divorced from humanity and can’t fathom how some people who once fled from English rule of persecution, oppression and imprisonment are so apt to repudiate the importance of historic legacy in gaining libery and freedom. Many who has turned a blind eye to acceptance in the Black Communities aswell poor class communities are exposing themselves to the danger of absolutism, whether the absolutism be what Tocqueville calls “democratic despotism.”
    Under this current nightmare in which I am forced to live, it seems clear my captors intend to keep me faceless, a man without opinion as those of the “Rethuglican” Party has been posted in key positions for a bloodless take-over, and no one is prepared to join a resistance movement in defense of bringing their fathers, sons , brothers, and uncles out of the modern –day slave camp, because we have forgotten what freedom means.
     Comrades the walls of Jericho fall down, not because the trumpet blast was strong, but because the walls were crumbling. People, we have politicians that want to reenslave and deny rights to Blacks and Hispanics that generally support democratic views.
      A slave in Aristotle’s definition is a being who allow others to make their choices for them. In the burgeoning Prison Industral Complex of Wisconsin and elsewhere around the country it is impossible for man to be materially prosperous or freed from necessity of choice, for he will always be considered servile by those of his oppressors
        I’ve watched for two decades as this servile man be stripped of true manhood, the dignity of man, relegated to what remains a child, never advancing into Man’s birthright. As his growth is stunted and for many who has the unfortunate luck to turn within, resorting to beastial mannerisms of eating , throwing and smearing feces or screaming into insanity as they have become bent and broken vessels of men.
        While many may applaud longer incarceration and stiffer penalties that allow private corporations and groups like ALEC to profit from the lives of those who has resorted to criminal conduct out of necessity or choice: I think there is a weakness in it aswell danger.
         Attorney Michelle Alexander in her book “The New Jim Crow” eloquently shows the revival of old doctrines and beliefs called “Black Code” law that imprisoned men for profit and gain. Many politicians and lobbyists tend to confuse the whole discussion of this problem by using political rhetoric, spins,and propaganda aswell sensationalizing via mainstream media.
    I have witnessed the cripling effects of what these long term imprisonment does to men and women as if we were living in the eighteenth century, not in the twenty-first- we owe a lot of that we are experiencing to our first so called “Black President." No, not Barak H Obama, but William Jefferson Clinton, Who created draconian laws like those of the Medes and Persians. “
    Nevertheless, we as a society must stop the attack on liberty and the incarceration of Black and Brown, aswell working class Whites in Wisconsin that’s presently being employed very interestingly by persons who pretend to have the state’s best interest at heart- but in truth seeking their own poplitical and financial aspirations.
     O cannot say enough on  how in this case it requires the highest degree of solidarity and copperation, to change “ the great wheel of circulation” upon which our imprisonment aswell rural demographic areas economy has become dependent upon as physical security.
  Many of these politicians –curiously archaic in their opinions, although they pride themselves upon their diversity – are old fangled supremicists, dedicated to “enslavement” in the era of the twenty-first century: others (thoses more grimly acceptance, Probably, ) are the new fangled ‘tea party” collectivistic, desirous of draining everything from the state, but insistent that they have only the good of the  state and its citizens in mind.  I accidentally stumbled across a poem that read;
‘This is got by casting pearl to hogs,
That bawl for freedom in their senseless mood
And still revolt when the truth would set them free.
License they mean when they cry liberty;
For who loves that, must first be wise and good.”
My general argument is this: the continuous silent acquiesence of incarcerating  and imprisoning Black and Brown Americans in Wisconsin cannot continue to be endured without voice. The United States constituion were established that laws might make semblance of freedom possible. For all of Americans talk of equality, democracy and liberation still our nation and country character has the stamp of hypocrisy while the rich gets richer and the poor gets prison. Respect for moral traditions inculcated by our religious indoctrination are in decline, and as for the prescriptive ideations which we, more than any other people aspire to , has altered little since Dr Martin Luther King Jr’ s I Have a Dream speech.
    Because of political aspirations and fear- mongering we have done a most terrible mschief to our societies, we have ceased to respect our individualism and has begun instead, to run after an abstract conservative view- many of those in  the ruling class has set no bounds to their ego. Much like the prison guard who comes into these walls, gates and fences daily with the belief it’s their duty and job to harrass, belittle and deigrate those of us with the unfortune to be incarcerated.
   How can a state that does not protect the human dignity of those within its ward (care) recognize the prescriptive rights or enforce rights that protect minorities against majorities? While screaming safety as an abstraction to liberty and incarceration in the name crimes are committed.
      I garner to say rehabilitation are realized in the prescriptive sense where balanced thoughts, well defined ideas and rights of other persons, properties and lives are valued and we conduct ourselves in accordance with operating norms within a state governed by moral principle. There are many men caught up in Wisconsin’s Industrial complexes that exudes this quality, which maked it possible for them to become truly productive members of society. But because of political rhetoric and grandstanding many of us continue to languish in prison.
      I am rather embarrassed at saying this for It has been said often before and great mass of historical evidence supports what I am saying: thinking of the Birmingham 9 accused of rape against a white woman, later proven innocent but too late; Rueben Hurricane Carter; Jamas Newsome out of Chicago accused of murder aswell the six Black boys in New York accused of Central Park sexual assault.
      Still every great question has to be argues afresh in every generation and first principles have to be declared over and over again. Truly, until we learn from history we have learned nothing.
      Until this incarceration I like most people use the word “freedom” vicariously, not understanding the freedom from struggle of insitutionalized enslavement or religious indoctrination is- for I did not live in an age-an age where the weight of oppressive chains and shackles were the archaic establishment and customs-However , Make no mistake about it, being locked inside these steel and concrete tombs year in year out sets a dangerous precedent in our so called modernized era as it breaks the foundational link between generations and leaves our children and families without male role models.
   I erst while owe my incarceration partially to myself and the vindictive, mendacious lie of a “white” female aquaintance who reached back to historical practices and traditions claiming I assaulted her by touching her breasts and vaginal area over her clothing,
   Due to overzealous prosecution and ineffective counseling here I sit in the epoch center and cesspool of hell, Or t least, it feels very much like a personal hell. Every Wisconsin citizen needs to turn their concentration to the truth, and stop butressing what was once reconstructive era thinking and reconstruct our morals and values and see that it is wrong to imprison any man longer than two decades and still his release is to come out of these gulags whole-functioning normal in a mainstream society with no housing and or monetary assistance to give that leg up.
  In the Christian principle, freedom is to the will of God. This is no paradox. As he that would save his life must lose it, so that man who desires freedom must recognize a providential order which gives all their freedom of choice- the view of “inalienable” rights.  
    It can be said and argued freedom without absoluteness becomes simply the force of those who hold power to do as they like with the lives of those whom they hold captive, much the same as a slave master done with those enslaved seen as his property and the Warden and abusive prison guards that inflict tyranical, dictatorial mannerism over those whose interest has conflicted with society. 
   It is unfortunate that we live in an age or political corruption and greed, for  good or ill, where rhetoric and clever political sound-bites gratifies those who espouse to hate and separatism. Many of Wisconsin's politicians has not  learn how to respect or reconcile respect for those who hue and pigmentation is dark and brown.
    Very few people are interested in true equality and bringing many of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers , aunts and uncles aswell cousins out of these places unfit for animal habitation. It always bothered me when I would see the commercial of abused dogs whimpering in cases limping and broken, disheveled and how people called for discontinuing the practice of abusing these pets telling the world, "these are not just our pets, but our family"-and I found it infinitely strange that here I am a man imprisoned for two decades and my crimes are not of murder--but that I dared to have  a Caucasian victim rather than the socially acceptable norms of Black on Black crime.
    While I am more inclined today to recognize my errant ways an try to give back to my community and break this viscous , dangerous cycle that threatens the whole Black community and its fabric though our young men and boys that have become lots due to modern-day Blackplotation of drug kingpins ,gangsters and thugs.
     The greatest danger just now is   the continued killing of our young men like Trevon Martin, Alan Blueford who was 18 out of East Oakland, let alone in Wisconsin.
     It's time for Wisconsin to take their heads out of the hole , especially Black , Hispanics and Asians and began to support these 11X15 and FFUPP moments and discontinue the mass incarceration of our youth and resist this clandestine practice of over criminalization of our loved ones.
  Remember, Wisconsin "Rethuglican Party" seem bent upon establishing a universal equalitarian domination over the lives of those in the poor class while continuing to call these passed laws and legislations free and democratic, but as we already see have  made existence almost impossible for those who are living day to day. Check to check and week by week. 

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The Stanford Experiment

“The Experimentation of America’s Prisons”

In 1971 a team of researchers led by psychology Professor Philip Zimbardo, at Stanford University, conducted an experiment of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner and or prison guard. Twenty – four undergraduates were selected out of 75 to play the roles of both guards and prisoners and become residents in a mock prison in the basement of the psychology building.
These roles were randomly assigned and the cast adapted to their roles well beyond that which were expected, so much so, that many of the characters playing guards became authoritarian in their demeanors, displaying draconian measures. Their action and conduct became so real, that a couple of participants quit the experiment quite early. Thus leading to the experiment being put on hold only after 6 days.
Many found themselves disturbed by the experiment and even held that it was too controversial to allow it to continue. The news media and all of America was outraged over the torture and abuse of prisoners al Abu Ghraib but surprisingly “ no one is outraged over the mistreatment and manufacturing of conduct reports, violation of constitutional rights, denial of parole of prisoners who are rehabilitated, and the continuous promoting of dehumanization of Americans locked behind these walls and gates.
In Zimbardo’s study, he was overheard telling the guards,” you can create in the prisoners feelings of boredom, a sense of fear to some degree, you can even create a notion of arbitrariness that their life is totally controlled by us, by the system, you, me, and they’ll have no privacy… We’re going to take away their individuality in various ways.”
This practice can be seen today where prisoners are forced to feel this sense of powerlessness.” That is, because of their incarceration, the guards and the administration has all the power and prisoners have none.”
Much like the study at Stanford University which grew out of hand, prisoners all over the country have suffered, and been forced to accept sadistic and humiliating treatment from guards.
Unfortunately the high level of stress and anxiety progressively has led from rebellion to inhibition and mental breakdown as men began showing severe emotional disturbances. My own experience in various institution segregation units I’ve seen men begin to smear feces all over their bodies. I have witness men begin to scream, to curse, to go into fits of rage having lost all sense of control. As a prisoner myself, I can only become angry and frustrated at the conditions which excascerbate these symptoms and cause these men to want death over life. Even here at Racine Correctional Institution, there are guards who use the knowledge of prisoner’s mental illness and another method to harass prisoners.
Sanitary conditions decline rapidly, made worse by some prisoners who are suffering from mental illness that urinate and defecate on the floors, beds, walls and doors of the cells. And as punishment guards punish these mentally ill prisoners by removing their mattress, leaving them to sleep on slabs of concrete, or rubber floor mats – Some are even forced to go nude for days and fed their meals off the floor as a method of degradation, as they are ordered to the back of the cell, directed to face the wall and to kneel down.
I have witnessed many new guards come in with some sense of humanity and after the probationary period grow increasingly cruel--- at least half of the prison guards exhibit genuine sadistic tendencies and racial predjudices for blacks and gay males.
The Stanford experiment ended on August 20, 1971, only six days after it began instead of the fourteen it was supposed to have lasted.
Professor Zimbardo, reported his findings in 1971 to the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary.
Many would probably argue that such a study as that which was held in 1971 would not be conducted today. However, the truth is these acts are carried out daily in prison all around the state, here in Wisconsin. All too often tyrannical leadership and arbitrariness amd capriciousness is a reality for men and women locked inside these Correctional Institutions.
And yet, Wisconsinites are not angered or outraged by the mistreatment and abuse that haunts many who already come from abusive backgrounds, mental illness, as well as alcohol and drug addictions

Juan Ward

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Juan tells his history

Author’ s Background
As a "twice convicted felon" and abused child, I decided to take issue with seeing myself as a victim, and letting others define me as being just "a piece of shit!" Having come from a background filled with much pain, sadness, and despair, I felt that God allowed me to endure so much hardship in order that I show others even at their lowest points in life, how to survive, and prosper even while I myself am trapped in the midst of so much madness here in the Department of Correctional system.

My first encounter with the prison system came at the age of 22 which resulted after a conviction for manslaughter, possession of weapons, and unlawful possession of drugs. I served seven and one half years in the Illinois State Penitentiary system. After my release I thought I would never ever visit the penal system again.

However, three years later and in a entirely different State, I found myself sitting before the criminal justice system accused of crimes I never in my life thought I'd ever be accused of having committed. Naiive enough to believe that all prison systems were the same. But was I in for a rude awakening, as Wisconsin Penal System was nothing like I'd encountered during the seven and a half years in Illinois system.

Although Illinois had some racism still embedded in the Southern most prisons, Wisconsin racist ideology was felt from the court­room to the county jail from the County Jail to the prison system itself! Racism and abuse, physical and mental was rampant and administered unabashed as if sent to prison for punishment rather than as punishment. Those unfortunate enough to be caught up in this punishment industry had no grass root organizations to help combat the oppressive conditions of abuse, racism, or to instill hope that there could be a successful life after prison, and that there's more to life than just living it inside a penal grave.

I hold no doctorates in psychology or sociology, however, I do hold a PhD in direct street knowledge and life experience both with freedom and imprisonment and I have seen thousands of inmates struggle with reality and trapped within these cages because they have made poor choices in trying to capture and live the so-called American Dream. To have that quality of life that garners self-respect.

Its unfortunate that an great opportunity is missed by a system that entitles itself as "Corrections," focus more on tearing down, humiliating, and debasing the men that walks through the gates rather than building them up, stripping away the painful past, and encouraging and giving them a new view of life that if they believe, they to, even though there's a blemish, a stain on there life record, their dreams, and goals can still be realized. Yes, it will take hard work and vigorous effort on behalf of the ex-prisoner, but its no different than everyday citizens who struggle to get ahead in life.

I've listen to countless stories by those who has come back from the streets revoked for one reason or another, I have listened to the cries of anguish my brother who find himself trapped on this "merry-go-round" of prison life, and the angry as well negative banter. So this is what has compelled me to write this book to make it known and clear to all whom find themselves ensnared in any kind of trap, that the key is not
just to get out, but to learn how to stay out! Many find them­selves in a cycle of abusive relationships, they know the signs, but ignores them, its no different than an alcoholic who knows if he/she partakes of the first drink another will soon follow. As ex-prisoners we know that everyone is looking at us, waiting for us to fail, to point their fingers and say "see, I knew he would go back!"

But neither them or their stares has control over your lives, their beliefs, or negative attitudes has no control over your destiny, Michael Jordan one of the greatest basket ball players of all time was told that he was no good, that he couldn't play, and yet, he didn't let them stop him, he didn't put the ball down dejected, "no, he showed them he could, and that he was the greatest player of this age."

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Juan's Bid For Justice

Juan Quentin C. Ward #275760
Racine Correctional Institution
P.O.Box 900/Washington West
Sturtevant, WI 53177-0900

I am a member of FFUP and contributing writer, and have been asked to draft an essay about myself to be included in the next FFUP newsletter. Although many in the echelon of the prison system frown on inmates writings, it is not against the policies of the Department of Correction to write and seek publication of their writing. See DOC 303.32 (1)(b).
First, I'll give you a short background on my case, and
Then I will follow that up with a succinct overview of my struggles in trying to recapture my freedom and innocence of one of the charges I was overzealously charged with and falsely accused of having done by the victim in my case out of revenge or just outright maliciousness.
In the early 1990's I stole from and recklessly endangered the life of an adult female acquaintance (for which today I can truly say that I am very sorry that I done it). I was accused of having touched the victim over her breast and vaginal area over her clothing. I was facing a hundred years in prison, and ultimately convicted and sentenced to three consecutive sentences, twenty years for "armed robbery" although it was not a robbery in the traditional sense where a weapon is brandished and the perpetrator demands possession of the others property. Second Degree Sexual Assault/Contact, and Recklessly Endangering Safety, receiving a ten and five years sentence respectively. Having been forced into a plea agreement after my attorney Dean B. Zemel refused to adequately represent me. And while I was not pleading guilty, I had no choice but to plead "no contest"
especially since the judge refused to allow me to fire this lawyer or go to trial and be found guilty and given a hundred years. As it was clear to me long before sentencing that the Honorable Judge Patricia D. McMahon was bias against me for one, my victim was female, and secondly, a white (Caucasian) woman. Upon sentencing she gave me the maximum amount of time for every charge lodged against me.
In my earlier years I could not see pass my own injustice I'd received at the hands of the victim as well the criminal justice system, believing that, it was the job of the court as well prosecutor to seek out the truth, and clearly the many inconsistent statements made by the victim as to what occurred could not have been the truth. I asked my attorney Dean B. Zemel to give me an polygraph test because I did not sexually assault or touch Ms. F (the victim) in any manner over her clothing, and was told by my attorney the state wouldn't pay for one, and besides polygraphs were inadmissible in a court of law.
After my conviction and sentencing I was sent directly to Dodge Correctional Institution.
The State appointed me counsel for appeal and or postconviction relief, in whereas, he told me that he was of the opinion that my case had "No Merits" to seek an appeal, and because I disagreed with his assessment, I again was placed in the position of having to go without counsel. I have spent the last eighteen years trying to prove that I did not ever touch Ms. F through sexual contact. I have readily accepted my responsibility for the theft, (for it was never a robbery) but theft by person and admittedly I did recklessly endanger the safety of MS. F., and give all due praise to God for not allowing this woman to die at my hands during a state of ignorance.
For more than 18 years I have wondered why? Why would Ms F. lie and exaggerate a crime of a sexual nature was committed against her? Did she automatically resort to the age old practice of accusing a black of sexual assault as many black men has been accused of this crime against white women throughout history especially during the times of Jim Crow laws. But then the same still applies today.
I in no way seek to minimize the seriousness of my crimes against this lady, and has graciously served and paid my debt to society for the undesirable behavior I have committed, and if I could, I would apologize personally to my victim and ask for her forgiveness for that which I did do to her. Same time, I would ask her why? Why perpetuate, and perjure herself with lying about a crime that never happened?
My first parole eligibility date was eight years after I was convicted and sentenced, because the law at that time during my conviction and sentence. At my first PRC I was initially Assessed and Evaluated, I was given a Mental Health, need, AODA assessment, and assessed for sexual offender (SOT) because of the allegation of a sexual nature in my Because of the severity of my offenses, PRC gave me a maximum custody. I spent almost sixteen years in maximum custody seen the parole board for the first time in 2001. They didn’t give me Parole at that time, but a defer of 60 months... five years. Upon seeing them again for the second time I periodically came up I seen the same woman (Hackbarth) gave me 48 month defer, "that's right, four years."
Over the course of my incarceration I participated in Mental health treatment, Anger Management, never since my incarceration has I been accused of using drugs, I have successfully completed a vocational class (Culinary Arts), I have many certificates in re-entry programs, certified LVA Tutor, Health & Wellness, Conflict Resolution attempting to show rehabilitation.
Admittedly, it has been hard for me in the earlier years, because I felt very much a victim myself, first by Ms. F., false lies,secondly by the court unjust sentence, and third by the prison system that has subjected me to pure hell, and has violated every one of my rights at every turn. It all begin in 1994, while at the Columbia Correctional Facility in segregation where I witnessed prisoners being mistreated and having their arms and legs broken by staff, it was a regular thing to see cell entries. I began showing prisoners how to file grievances and complaints against this staff member and as such, I became a target.
November of 94 when Jeffrey Dalhmer had gotten killed the institution had a major lock down and cell search, I was assigned to a single cell, but had a double cell with two mattresses, one for the top bunk and bunk I slept on. A widely known unprofessional guard name Sgt Hinickle was conducting the search. She came in talking disrespectful to inmates whereas by several inmates ensued. This guard accused me of having destroyed one of the mattresses by cutting it and attempting to hide contraband. But the truth of the matter was, I'd just gotten out of segregation, had no property, and couldn't have destroyed the mattress. Yet, I was found guilty by the so called due process committee and charged $141.00 for a mattress that cost less than $10.00 to make.
Rogue racist guards like Brian Martin has tried to hurt me by snatching my legs out from under me while wearing ankle or leg shackles causing my head to bounce off the concrete. Shocked with stun guns for standing up for my rights, and manufaotured and fabricated conduct reports are the norm by guards who know inmates has no avenue of relief from the mistreatment and abuse of staff, they tell you to file complaints knowing that 'the co-workers, former guards will uphold their actions and dismiss any complaint filed against staff abuse.
So for more than eighteen years I have watched staff (guards) subject myself and other inmates to so much abuse till death through suicide seemed to be the only escape. For years I felt an anger burning inside me, and I have to give thinks to Dr. Scott Trip for helping me to see things clear, and to channel my energy not in hate, but in a positive and productive
way. It was Dr. Scott-Tripp, that caused me to look at my crime realistically and see the hurt and pain I caused Ms. F., to try to understand why she would fabricate such a outlandish accusation of my having touched her breast and vaginal area over her clothing. While I see her reasoning, her fabrication of a crime that never happened didn't give justice.
Recently on August 18, 2010, I was called and interviewed by one of the psychologist in charge of the SOT program and although I have been incarcerated for greater than 18 years, and seen numerous times by clinical psychologist and even discussed the crime and nature and aspect of my case, Dr. Finn, stated to me, that he is of the opinion that I should be interviewed for SOT-4 most harsher treatment regiment for sexual offenders.
Citing that the DOC has a new criteria, that I can have the polygraph examination done, which I want to vindicate myself of this preposterous allegation, but he says, in order for me to get the test, I first must confess and admit to having sexual¬ly assaulted my victim. A catch-22 for if I admit to something I did not do, and the polygraph examination comes back showing I did not commit the crime, I am still in a quagmire because they can use my word of having admitted to a crime against me.
As Dr. Finn, already showed me he will try, as he promptly stated you already confessed to the crimes, in which, I
Had to tell him I plead "no contest" which is different from a guilty plea, it means that I am not guilty, but I can not prove; myself not guilty at this point.
I asked Dr. Finn, why was it that after all the psychologists I had seen over the years why was he the only one trying to placed me under the most drastic sexual offender program there is especially since my case does not involve sexual penetration, not a first degree sexual assault crime, not a child victim, no history of sexual deviancy, nor multiple victims to qualify under the criteria for SOT-4.
What Ms. F., didn't know is that I despise any man that forces himself off on a woman or child, that I grew up in a home where dysfunction was the norm, and not only a survivor of mental and physical abuse, but a rape survivor of the justice Because even though Ms. F., was motivated solely on the bitter root of hate and revenge when she made the false allegation: of my having touched her over clothing, I find it strange fascinating that the Court, the Prosecutor, the PSI Investegator, even rny attorney never questioned the inconsistencies of statements like when she said: I asked her if she wanted have sex with me, and she said to me, " you want to use me as a free whore," [Page 5 Police Report] that I stated no, I just want to have sex with you.
She went on to say that about ten minutes after I was there I came and stood in front of her and straddled her and stated that I wanted to "lick her." She stated she said no, because she was on her period. She stated she then started to joke with me and that's what a guy had to do to get into the Hells Angels. And I said I would like to do that, but she stated no. She then stated all of a sudden I grabbed at her breast and she tried to push me off her. [Page 5 Police Report],
Leslie F., went on to say that she must have cut her finger. then I started to grab her between the legs and was saying
I wanted to have sex with her and was trying to get her into the bedroom. [Page 6 Police Report],
On Saturday, 1/15/94 Leslie F., gave a different version of events she stated as far as she can recall I had fondled her breast and vaginal area over her clothing before cutting her hand on the couch. That while I was fondling her, I was
straddled over her. That she remembered before all this happened I had gently kissed her on the forehead. [Page 23 Police Report] That I would come over and ask for a "free fuck" but she, would always say no. Id.
Leslie F., told Detective Nowakowski that I wanted to have oral sex with her, I wanted to "lick her." She told me no she was menstruating, that she remembers going into the bathroom, I followed her in there, she used the toilet and had wiped blood on the tissue from her vaginal area. She states that she then changed the tampon and recalls that I looked into the toilet and observed the bloody tampon. She states, after this occurred, she changed her tampon and had left the bathroom area and went back into the living room and sat down. She stated that I told her it didn't matter to me that she was menstruating, because I liked it, I liked licking a woman who was bleeding. [Pa 24 Police Report],
She told the Presentence Investigative reporter that I another male friend had been pressuring her for sex, that she
informed me that she would call the police if she had to, that I at this time, I straddled her legs and glared, then left her
home with my friend [Page 3 PSI Report] she went on to tell the PSI Reporter that I had asked to use the bathroom and feels that I went into her bedroom cut the phone cord and went use the bathroom, that I returned to the kitchen and stated:
" I am going to sleep with you," "I am going to go down on you” and then, "I want to lick you." " Leslie F., made several inconsistent statements to the detectives, the Presentence Report Investigator, as well during Preliminary Hearing, she further stated that she remember me hitting her in the neck with a knife three times, and told the Judge I had cut her neck from one side to the other, but she did not require stitches as they had band-aids that would cause her to heal leaving no scar. It should also be noted Leslie F. refused all medical attention offered by the medic team.
Keep in mind that I have always requested a polygraph test since day one because it is the only way I could refute
These false allegations, because, it is not like a DNA test could be taken and yet, my attorney denied me this...I have written the District Attorney Mr. John Chisolm asking him in the interest of justice to give me the polygraph test, and it will prove unanimously that I did not touch Leslie F., over her clqthing during the crimes that were committed against her.
Many would probably say he's admitting that he isn't one hundred percent innocent and I am not, and has paid my time for the crimes that I did commit against this person. Initially l also asked that Leslie F., take a polygraph because I wanted her to be charged with perjury for lying about a charge that never took place, but then, I was doing just as she by seeking
revenge. I understand that some of this essay/article may be graphic however, the truth is graphic and uncensored in every sense of the word. I credit my willingness to accept my role in horrendous crime as being repulsive and I do humbly apologize first to my victim, for the betrayal of the friendship and that I stole from her, in taking her possessions, and for recklessly endangering her life. I apologize to her family and loved ones for the trauma, worry and concern I put them through because of my actions that January day.
I apologize to society and my community for the perpetuation of a crime against another human, and apologize to myself for the pain and anguish I have inflicted ignorantly. And ask if anyone is left out there who believe in justice and change via rehabilitation to please help by forwarding me information on a polygraph examiner who is licensed and reputable. I am sure that many who may read this article may find Le F., inconsistencies miniscule, but if one is objective and subjective enough they will see the truth jumping out at the or at least ask themselves why if it was okay to perform sex while menstruating why didn't he do it when she had her pants down? why wouldn't he fondle her underneath the clothes since she had pulled her pants down and used the bathroon he stood over her, why wouldn't he out right sexually assault her when she was naked and exposed? Reasonable minds would these questions.

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When People Come Together

When the people come together, the people can win.
By: Juan W
When the people come together, the people can win. But when we allow politician to spin rhetoric and propaganda and our mainstream media outlets to cripple us with fear to bridge differences, we are assured of losing.
In Milwaukee, the newly elected incumbent Mayor Tom Barrett,his recently appointed Police Chief Ed Flynn and District Attorney Chilsom have joined forces calling for stiffer penalties that would pump billions more dollars into prisons and supposedly "anti-gang" and "anti-violent" laws and policies. Sadly more unconscious initiatives that funnel money into the already broken ever growing prison system, probation and parole departments will bankrupt the state that's already in the midst of a budget crisis has already caused drastic cuts to education and closings of Milwaukee schools.
These initiatives called "Safe Neighborhood Acts," and "Anti-Gangs," and crime prevention acts has proven time and time again that it serves no purpose other than wasting millions of tax dollars on policies that don't work.
"Bringing peace and reducing crime in Milwaukee County and surrounding suburban areas (In fact, the Country) is perhaps the most difficult and profound challenge facing Milwaukee County today. However, in this time of crisis more laws designed to over-populate a already overcrowded system is the worst kind of public policy. It plays on Milwaukeeans deepest emotions and fears and sets you up for failure of mandates that do not work to stomp out crime, let alone violence that has magnified in our neighborhoods. It won't reduce crime nor safety and security in our homes and communities.
Instead of calling for more far reaching measures that stiffens criminal penalties and introduces laws reminiscent of Slavery and Jim Crowism that seeks only to strip away identity of humanity and opportunities for education, employment, rehabil­itation and violence prevention. In the "African Proverbial saying: 'It takes a village to raise the children!" Many of our Leaders in the Church, Schools, Political arena and elsewhere have forgotten history. Many in society are often surprised when they see or hear about violence in black and or colored neighborhoods that has spilled out and crossed the boundaries into "white suburban" societies.
"But why?" Is it because they or we expect it will remain isolated in urban communities when the same ills and diseases that has caused inner cities to become infected and infested with crime, poverty, rage, bitterness, and unhappiness which is the same social ills which causes sub­urban whites to chance inner-cities night and day prowling for illusive euphoria and high which has dominated black communities and youth mentalities [Crack/Cocaine] and therein lies the root problem. With all the political grand standing and get tough on drug crimes measures that passed ranging from Mandatory Minimums Laws to the Rockefeller Law during the President Ronald Reagan era still everyday millions and millions of pounds of cocaine, heroine and other synthetic substances are filtered in urban black/brown communities for consumption and sale.
There's no public outcry from our Ministers and or Teachers when Hollywood and our Entertainment industry sensationalize and glamorize drugs, especially when they have seen and know first hand the affect and destruction of it in their communities, there's no public outcry when liquor stores keep popping up in the communities out numbering Churches and other institutions that engage our youth in more productive adventuring. The same political leaders who now are calling for stiffer penalties are the same leaders who sat in the board rooms and orchestrated the destruction to our communities with closed door deals.
For, if history is any judge, many citizens throughout Milwaukee and other economically hard struck areas shouldn't be surprised at all We should be surprised only when a political body has actually gotten it right. This should have recently been learned with the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, courts are political institutions, and politics are rarely about right or wrong; its about power. As in who has it and who doesn't
Change can only come about when the people organize to make it so. As the great abolitionist, freedom fighter and rabble-rouser Fredrick Douglas taught, "Power concedes nothing without a demand, that our power lies first in our love, in our unity, and in our strength to rely upon one another in times of need and adversity."
Social movement in the streets brought an end to Plessy, not a political body. People, organized, shook the status quo, they did not wait until someone decided we will do this or that-so why do our communities, our Ministers and Preachers, Teachers, and So-called Political Leaders continue to stand idly by as violence and crime is thrust upon the city by those believe this is their only means to survive.
I myself, as a prisoner, find shame and disgrace in myself for having fallen victim to imprisonment and destruction in our community, for the hurt, the pain and violation of another person’s and property. Given the choice today of committing the same crime and or standing up to be a man; I'd stand-up to be that man for I see it as a choice of lying down to die or standing to live. For many in our communities, mother's, father's, sisters, brothers, elders and our children, their only crime is trying to live. But why live in fear, in a state of imprisonment? and allow political bodies and their agents to make us ineffective in our neighborhoods and communities.
When Milwaukeeans stop depending on political institutions [Police and Politicians] to lead us out of the poverty and the woes of criminal activities and discontinue to live in a state of fear perpetuated by the insatiable appetite of drugs and or alcohol,or by the need of materialism and realize that together that we are one, and together we are many, that together we are every woman, man, child that desires to see the sun rise without cowering in our homes from fear of violence, without fearing that our children will be killed while playing in the front yard by stray bullets aimed in senseless crimes; and that we have other choices besides locking up our men and women in political organized institutions designed to profit from human chattel or flesh.
I am a prisoner who wants to see Milwaukee and other hard economically struck cities rise from the ashes of fear and real­ize living is not cowering or hiding behind closed doors afraid the boogey man is waiting around the corner, or allowing their city and or neighborhood to be ran over by undesirable behavior. No change can come about until the brown, red, black, yellow and white skin come together in one voice, with willing­ness to set aside racial intolerance and then the violence and plagues will diminish.
Too often citizens wait idly for politicians and police to rid us of crime. But the truth is crime pays, that is why political bodies allow crime to fester and grow out of control before our police and other agencies move in supposedly to rid it of an infection they have allowed to incubate and fester until full blown. I urge seriously concerned citizens who are tired of the ever present menacing conditions within our neighbor hoods and communities contact (PAW) the Prison Action Wisconsin Committee that advocates a vehicle for change in both our commun­ities and prisons.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wisconsin’s Myth of Rehabilitation

Wisconsin’s Myth of Rehabilitation
By: Juan Ouentin C. ward
In recent years there has been more than ever calls for longer sentences to combat the growing fear and rise of crime or criminal elements within our neighborhoods and communities. Not only has inspiring, but veteran politicians used the tougher sentencing scheme as a platform to ignite their political careers and to perpetuate this fear an outcry from everyday citizens which cut across all ethnic lines, whose lives has been touched directly or indirectly by crime, which has resulted in the over­crowding of jails and orisons all around the state of Wisconsin. With a significance primarily focused on the predominantly larger Black or Hispanic or minority areas.

And while more and more young Black and Brown males are being incarcerated for demonstrating antisocial behaviors such as drug addictions, robberies, homicides, sexual crimes, etc., many of these poor underprivileged and under-represented class of people suffer from some form of mental affliction ranging from severe to mild mental diseases and defects. It is these outcasted members of society who can't afford to hire competent attorney's for representation to defend them or help them get into drug rehabilitation clinics or mental health institutions to combat the poisonous chemical they have become dependent upon in an attempt to escape the realities of their living condition of impoverished and depressing neighborhoods. The rich rarely serve time in any prison for any kind of crime, as they can buy their way out with hiring a good high profile attorney and receive real justice. America and Wisconsin has a longstanding history of incarcerating the uneducated, untrained and oftentimes mentally handicapped minority who are ignorant of the laws and intricacies of the criminal justice system, so they are provided quarter defenses' if that, by state paid overworked, burnt out, underpaid State Public Defenders whose main objective is not to fight and mount any kind of real defense but to get the measly few thousand dollars the state is paying him/her and dispose of the case quickly, which oftentimes more than not are settled through plea agreements.

Such a quagmire are realities for minorities who has the unfortunate luck to get caught-up within the American System of Justice. It's also unfortunate that so many has come to believe in the political rhetoric and media propaganda that's locking up citizens and warehousing them in these industrialized institutions now called "Correctional Institutions," rather than what they are ("Prisons") will solve the problem of crime.
This misrepresentation and manipulative power of circumstances as well environment are in my belief the root behind thousands of minorities arrested daily within Wisconsin's ghetto's for serious and petty crimes, in an attempt to feed their addictions from drugs to materialism, placing them in processes of legal and judicial entanglement.

I like so many Blacks in the ghetto's of America was also duped into criminal activities for whatever reason and has served as a conduit for the accumulation of political power and grand­standing by those politicians and aspiring political figures who complain about repeat criminal offenders (primarily blacks). While these hypocrites secretly make millions from the criminal elements of the streets. What realistic opportunity does an unskilled, undereducated ex-con have for success when you have a governmental body that has passed laws which says companies and corporations doesn't have to hire ex-offenders, Housing and Urban Development can deny you housing, school grants can be denied you simply because you're an felon, and there is no governmental assistance programs to act as a safety net for ex-offenders. The answer, of course is self-evident— he has no options, he must do more crime in order to survive or revocate himself.

Wisconsin like the Country has taken on the title "Correctional Institutions," from the root word [Correct] meaning to remove the errors or fault. This very play of words are design to manipulate and hoodwink the masses of society by the power structure and government into believing prisoners are not just being imprisoned as punishment, but are being rehabilitated.

The reality is that many prisoners rehabilitate themselves and yet, even though many are eligible for parole, in Wisconsin's penal system we remain imprisoned as society is methodically manipulated by politicians and Prison Unions who utilizes pernicious, insidious schemes to exploit and sensationalize with the help of the media those circumstances where an ex-offender gets out and re-offend.

This type of cunning and intellectual racism is superb. America and States like Wisconsin has a proud history of thwart­ing minority progress; It is not enough that most incarcerated prisoners are disadvantaged, but must be kept in a system of disenfranchisement and slavery for as long as humanly possible.

This is how rural "White America," and its dying farm industry has been revitalized, and how "white," underprivileged Americans become middle or the working class, as Wisconsin's Prison system is predominately 65% or better of Black and or African-American, while 95% of those hired to guard and administrate these places are White. It doesn't take Einstein to see the system is designed to make profit off black bodies as it has done since America and Western Europe invaded Africa in 1618.

And no accident that the Parole Board and Parole Chairman has been denying eligible prisoners parole, instead opting to give lengthy defferals such as 48 months, 60 months and longer as Parole Board Chairman Alonzo Graham, an ex police approve these questionable and undoubtedly racially motivated deferrals. No program of rehabilitation and consequent social, economic regeneration can be effectively achieved, unless these depraved and racist tactics to keep incarcerated eligible prisoners incar­cerated are addressed by the people of this state and its Governor. This kind of dissipation must be destroyed and removed from the penal system.

So long as this practice and program continues to operate as presently allowed, there can be no real chance for regeneration of minorities members back into society as productive citizens. Wisconsin Parole system needs to undergo serious changes in its policies and practices. In most states the Parole Board consist of two or more members to fairly and accurately reflect a panel that's impartial in body and thought, however, in Wisconsin there's only one person sitting as decision maker, determining whether or not parole should be granted.

This policy and practice is merely perfunctory, a sham process whose primary goal is to do nothing, but make society believe its affording prisoners a fair and accurate hearing for chances at parole. Through the genius of trickonolledgy politicians and the Wisconsin's DOC Parole Board has reinstituted a situation that's identical to institutionalized slavery because there are no grassroot support or outcries against the practices being promulgated in Wisconsin. No public outcry of the rampant inmate abuses and fraudulent misbehavior reports orchestrated and designed to keep prisoners incarcerated as former governor Tommy Thompson advocated, and although other states that employ loss of good time, the prisoner is allowed or afforded the chance to re-earn their loss time through good behavior, not so in Wisconsin penal system. This time is taken and never returned.

This is much like the slave who could not effectively stand up and challenge his/her slave master. This was true because the slave had no ally to help alter the balance of power in his /her favor.